Saltanah Ensemble

Traditional Arabic Music Ensemble

The Saltanah Ensemble is a traditional Arabic music ensemble that includes instruments such as qanun (Middle Eastern zither), oud (lute), ney (bamboo end-blown flute), violin, cello and percussion instruments such as riq (Arabic tambourine), darbuka (goblet-shaped drum) and def (frame drum).

The Saltanah Ensemble performs mostly Arabic music, including classical, popular and folkloric music from countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Algeria. They can also play music from other traditions such as Turkish, Persian and Armenian, upon request.

Size of the group can vary from 2 to 8 musicians, depending on the occasion and the budget of the event.

Now based in Washington, DC, the Saltanah Ensemble are available to play East Coast locations including Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and beyond.